Normally used in hospital pharmacies, oncology department, day-hospital and pharmaceutical industries.

For a correct use and application of the cabinet here described, it is necessary to refer to the appropriate standard norm and rules in force in the country where the cabinet is used.CYTOBOX is a Cytotoxic Cabinet (better than Class II as indicated EN 12469), with partial recycle of filtered air and partial exhaust of filtered air to the outside.

The amount of exhausted air is compensated by an equal amount of air, which is regained by the inlet of pass-boxes.

Under the working surface is placed an HEPA filter through which the 100% of air passes in order to keep the rest of the unit clean and free from contamination.

The exhaust airflow rate is variable and depends to the cabinet under pressure. A pressure transmitter indicator measures the pressure value inside the cabinet and, send it to a PI regulator; this regulator controls exhaust fan velocity by means of a V.F.I. (Frequency Variator Inverter).

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CTH 36 C2 قطعات یدکی

CTH 48 C2 قطعات یدکی


Work chamber and spillage lray in stainless steel AISI 304L ''2B'' finishing , removable and autoclavable in solid version.
Hinged front window , in laminated safety glass ; ergonomic opening 1500 . Maximum free height with open screen is 540 mm , full vision height of 535 mm at operational condition .
Ergonomic front closure panel in anodized aluminium complete of UV germicidal lamp.
Lighting on working surface by means of 2 fluorescent lamps fitted in none-contaminated area.
Construction structure in steel epoxy-polyester powder coated.
Ventilation system by means of n02 IP55 protection factor electric fan .
Recirculating and air filtration achieved by double stage H14 HEPA filters as per EN 1822 ( with efficiency 99.995% MPPS)
Maintenance completely from the front of the cabinet.