Helios هود لامینارفلو افقی مدل

Helios are horizontal laminar airflow cabinets produced by Steril and designed for the situation where is requested the product protection from dangerous effects due to uncontrolled diffusion of air-transported contaminants from the environmental to the product during its handling.

Normally used in laboratory of microbiology and cell culture. Furthermore, used in innovative fields of scientific research and above all in the manipulation of:

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لوازم جانبی
HELIOS 48 C قطعات یدکی
HELIOS 72 C قطعات یدکی

Working surface in stainless steel AISI 304L "2B" finishing with 15 mm lift (see picture).
Side walls in toughened safety glass with 3 holes 19 mm diameter for the easy passage of external connection of fluids and/or cables without necessity of factory assembly.
Lighting on working surface by means of 2 fluorescent lamps of 36W fitted in noncontaminated area for HELIOS 48 and 58W for HELIOS 72.
Construction structure in steel epoxy-polyester powder coated, resistant to the most common industrial disinfectants.
Ventilation system by means of n°1 motor blower for HELIOS 48 dedicated to the one-way airflow in the working chamber.
HELIOS 72 is supplied with n° 2 motor blowers in parallel way system The motor blower is centrifugal type, direct driven motor with double aspiration and protection factor IP55.
Air filtration by means of disposable high retention capacity pre-filters and H14 HEPA filters with efficiency 99,995% MPPS according to EN 1822 (99,999% tested with DOP @ 0,3 μm).
Protection grid, for HEPA filter made by anodized aluminium